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SnowStoppers Alpaca Wool Socks- Holiday

SnowStoppers Alpaca Wool Socks- Holiday

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You know we have the best Mittens for kids and now we have the best Socks for kids too!

Many of our SnowStoppers mitten customers asked us for good socks for Kids over the years and now we have them!
These socks really are better than anything else we've seen for Kids and you won't find them anywhere else.
Alpaca Wool is Great for socks and we worked an exclusive deal with a company in Peru to have them specially made in Kids sizes because nobody else is making them for Kids!

I bet you can't buy just one pair!
When you see how good these socks are you might just want to give a pair to every Kid you know who likes to get out and play in the snow.

Naturally Warm and Ultra Soft, Peruvian Alpaca Wool is GREAT for Socks.
Great Warmth and Cushioning without that scratchy irritation like those old Wool Socks from years ago.
Alpacas are raised with warm summers and Cold Winters making their Wool Fibers Naturally repel snow and water while also naturally drawing away moisture from the body.
Alpaca naturally keeps your feet warm in winter and cool in the summer!
There are no strong chemicals used to soften or process the Alpaca Fibers.

AntimicrobialΒ - so your feet stay odor free.
Water resistantΒ - natural wicking action keeps moisture away.
Non AllergenicΒ - great for people Allergic to wool.

Wash in cold water and air dry.
45% Alpaca, 42%Acrylic, 13%Nylon

Available in 2 Kids Sizes

Extra Small fits shoe sizes 6-9 (1-3 years)
Small fits shoe sizes 9-12 (4-8 years)
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